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Does your carpeting look dingy and discolored, no matter how often you clean it? When was your last professional cleaning? If it's been more than a year, schedule an appointment with the experts at Extremely Cleaned Carpet Care today! We have over two decades of experience cleaning carpets in homes and businesses throughout Dallas-Fort Worth.
Services Available
At Extremely Cleaned Carpet Care, we offer two carpet-cleaning services to keep you carpeting in top-notch condition:

• Dry Cleaning: Our most popular option, customers love this method because it cleans without getting the carpet wet.
  We use a dry foam shampoo combined with a powerful vacuum to remove dirt quickly.

• Steam Cleaning: Available upon special request, we mix hot water with a cleaning solution for thorough dirt removal.
  Additional drying time is required for this method.

Not sure which service you need? Our specialists will suggest the best technique for your carpeting after inspecting the area to be cleaned. Have a major stain? We have extensive experience getting out the worst set-in stains.

How Often to Clean
We recommend deep-cleaning your carpeting every six months to a year. If you have children or smoke indoors, your carpets should be cleaned more often—every four to six months.
Looking for a dependable carpet cleaner in Dallas? Call Extremely Cleaned Carpet Care at (214) 531-6415 today to schedule an appointment for carpet cleaning in Dallas-Fort Worth. We proudly serve customers throughout the Metroplex, including the cities of Plano, Lewisville, Allen, Desoto, Frisco, Lancaster, Hurst and Euless.
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